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Avgust 27., 2010.:


Soon to be implemented:

The exhibition "Art Meets Vienna"!

The project that unifies artists of all nations will soon reach it's goal: an exhibition with artworks from artists all over the world in Vienna.

The well observed art project "Art Meets Vienna", founded by the Viennese Artist Monika Mori on Facebook on Mach 15th 2010 will son reach it's goal: an exhibition in Vienna.

The first meeting of the participants took place on June 28th: Artists from Austria as well as from abroad attended, the ones who could not be there in person tried to follow it via Skype. This constructive meeting of dedicated artists showed the unique team spirit of people who just recently met on the internet platform Facebook. Each and everyone of them are working voluntarily for this unifying art project. The allocation of tasks were discussed. "We want art to be in the centre of attention and and not any slogans which would only irritate us or the public and lead to misinterpretations." says Mori, the founder of "Art Meets Vienna". She is very touched by the merging of the group and the friendships that come into existence.

Art meets Vienna wants to unify different nations and cultures - just like the Olympic Games. Each artist represents a different cultural, historical and social background and they all inspire one another. The huge spectrum of artistic styles how they add harmony towards each other. Several videos on YouTube that show samples of the artwork and were watched by thousands of fans all over the world.

More than 50 artist profiles were collected and translated into German and English. People from Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, Germany, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Libya, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slowenia, Spain, Hungary and U.S.A. will present their artwork in Vienna.

"The search for a suitable accommodation for the exhibition is still in progress. We hope for some assistance from the cultural office of the Viennese government as we try to raise the international awareness for the cultural capital Vienna," says Monika Mori, "We now will contact the embassies of the participating countries and ask them for their support. As soon as we have a location the artworks can start their journey to Vienna."

Arts Meets Vienna Confrerence


Maj 24., 2010.:

Art meets Vienna javno je uputio zahvalnicu Novom Slovu na medijskoj podršci. Nama je veliko zadovoljstvo da podržimo dobre projekte kao što je pomenuti, a velika nam je čast kad se to prepozna kao istiski i prijateljski gest.

Zahvalnicu možete da vidite na sledećoj adresi - kliknite ovde.


May 10., 2010.:

Art meets Vienna - official logoArt meets Vienna - official logoArt meets Vienna - official logoArt meets Vienna - official logoArt meets Vienna - official logo

The transformation and implementation of the Facebook Group  ||| Art meets Vienna ||| Art meets Vienna ||| into a real project has started!

 Nearly six weeks ago, the Facebook group ||| Art meets Vienna ||| Art meets Vienna ||| was established.  Since then, artists from all over the world have engaged in the project and joyfully worked towards the execution of the underlying concept; a real exhibition in Vienna, Austria.

 The groups two videos on YouTube - - featuring works by the artists, received more than 3,500 views in a very short time!   The project founder, Monika Mori, is delighted: "Thanks to the untiring support and cooperation of artists from both home and abroad , we were able to launch their debut successfully."

 On the  4th of May, we replaced the group's page with a fan site where the participating artists from Mexico, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia, Austria, Netherlands, France, Indonesia, USA, Switzerland, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Serbia, and Argentina to name a few, created individual albums to showcase their work.

 For the artists, their target, a real exhibition in Vienna have come much closer.  "The next step is to contact the embassies and chambers of commerce in the home countries of the participants and request their support," said Mori, whose new target is to search for a suitable location for the exhibit.  Ms. Mori is sure that the demonstrated effect of Art as a unifying element will act to motivate the politicians who are contacted to support our plan as they recognize the strengthening of the awareness of democracy and liberalization through this project.!/pages/-Kunst-trifft-Wien-Art-meets-Vienna-/114492365253213?v=wall


Mart 28., 2010.:

||| Kunst trifft Wien ||| Art meets Vienna||| a very innovative group on Facebook brings art from all continents to Vienna

 Quality of relationships plays a crucial role in social networks and from this point the group was established on Facebook. The word friendship, which in "social networks" is often used very lightly holds an especially importance. Creative people from North and South America, Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe show their works, their fansites, their websites, inspire and promote each other.

 The aim of this group is to organize a real exhibition of works by artists from around the world in Vienna and to prove that the virtual world is indeed real. The founder started the a search for a suitable location and partners. It is hoped that with the help of international institutions and organizations and national public bodies the uniting nations thought can be identified and implemented.

Link to youtube


U saredu, 10., marta, slavna austrijska umetnica Moo Monika Mori, javno je izjavila u Facebook-u sledeće o Novom Slovu:

" MORI-ART | MOO I would like to express my sincere thanks to Nikola Kitanović! By I met the great artists Xolotl Polo, Diego Acuña and Gianpietro Ghislandi and am connected with them now. Thanks too to Srdjan Djeric for his appreciative article about MOO and Nicholas Stafford-Deitsch for his support!"

U subotu, 27. februara,  Xolotl Polo, jedan od najvećih živih latino-američkih slikara, javno je izjavio u Facebook-u sledeće o Novom Slovu :

"Públicamente quiero agradecer a Nikola Kitanović el que haya publicado en la revista 'Novoslvo' un escrito sobre mi hacer como artista. Especialmente a Srdjan Djeric

I want to publicly thank ..."

Tokom februara meseca 2010-te godine, otpočeli smo novu sekciju unutar umetnosti pod nazivom Introspekcija, u kojoj poznati vizuelni umetnici iz različitih krajeva sveta pišu o sebi i svojoj umetnosti.

Obaveštavamo vas da je povećano interesovanje umetnika da objavljuju svoje radove u galerijama Novog Slova.


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